About me

Credit: David Fisher / Fisher Studios Ltd.

I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations and a Non-Stipendiary Research Fellow at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford.

In my current research, I examine the political and democratic consequences of economic inequality in advanced democracies, but I am broadly interested in political representation, comparative politics, and political economy.

I hold a PhD in Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark, and I have previously visited Universität Potsdam, Columbia University, and Harvard University as an ERASMUS, Graduate Visiting, and Fulbright Student.

Two of the papers from my PhD dissertation Inequality and Political Representation have been published in World Politics and Comparative Political Studies, and one of the papers won the 2019 DJØF-Forlag award for best paper presented by an early career researcher at the 2018 Danish Political Science Association Conference. My dissertation won the ‘Faculty of Business and Social Sciences’ 2020 PhD Award‘ at the University of Southern Denmark.

A flyer containing information about my PhD dissertation in Danish can be found here.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!