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Working Papers

Estimating Public Opinion from Surveys: The Impact of Including a “Don’t Know” Response Option (with Christopher Wlezien)[Link to paper]

Why Is It So Hard To Counteract Wealth Inequality? Evidence from the United Kingdom (with Ben Ansell, Laure Bokobza, Asli Cansunar, Matthias Haslberger, Jacob Nyrup)[Link to paper]

Tax Exposure and Political Preferences (with Ben Ansell and Asli Cansunar)[Link to paper]

The Democratic State and Class Politics: Who Benefits? (with Torben Iversen)

Democratic Compensation or Winner-Take-All Domination? The Distributional Effects of Tax-and-Transfer Policies in 21st Century Europe (with Fabian Mushövel)

Risk of Poverty and Redistribution to the Poor (with Fabian Mushövel)

Housing Wealth, Information, and Political Efficacy (with Ben Ansell and Matthias Haslberger)

Book Project

Middle-Class Democracy: The Political Representation of Economic Interests in Comparative Perspective

Book Reviews

Adam Przeworski: Crises of Democracy. Cambridge 2019: Cambridge University Press, 239 pp. Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review, 2021, Vol. 57, No. 3 [Link to review]